2014 Trend Prediction #10: “Good For Us” Leads the Way


Goodbye, 2013, year of the selfie. I’m anxiously awaiting 2014, which I have coined the “Year of the Welfie.” In spite of the narcissism that pervades social media, we are as a culture increasingly concerned about our community, our planet and our neighbors. Next year will be about giving back, asking more of ourselves and others, wasting less and sharing more.

As someone who works in consumer marketing, I spend a lot of time reading about consumer insights and trends. Being a former literature major, it’s one of my favorite perks of the job. What I’ve noticed is that across industry, fortune 100 or budding start-up, it’s all about making sure that the things we make and do work hard for us as a collective.

The National Restaurant Association released their 2014 trends report which listed local, sustainable and children’s nutrition as its top trends. Walgreens recently debuted the country’s first-ever Net Zero Energy Store which will attempt to generate more energy than it consumes. And who didn’t cry (in some cases repeatedly) watching a city, including our President, come together to help Bat Boy save the day?!

We’re all in it together. It’s up to us to make sure we’re thinking globally, acting locally and doing our part to support one another. Next time you want to snap that Sunday Selfie think twice. A Wednesday Welfie is more sharable and way more fun.

Nora Sarrawi Vice President