My diet series “12 Months to Die(t) For” started on March 1st as promised. I have completed two months of diets (with a slight break at the end of April while I was on vacation) and, much to my dismay, am only down three pounds.

Diet #1 – Starvation For my first month, I decided to get after it since bathing suit season is around the corner. In short, I didn’t eat. No fat, no dairy, no sugar, no soda…you get the idea. I drank black coffee for breakfast, had four ounces of lean meat with lettuce and cucumbers for lunch, and repeated the same for dinner. After thirty days, I lost four pounds. That’s all I have to say about that. 

Diet #2 – Atkins April brought the Atkins. Eating meat and cheese after coming close to eating my pets a few days earlier was deliciously fun. Unfortunately, I am the only person in America that gained weight on the Atkins diet. Not sure how that happened. It’s the black cloud of cellulite that follows me wherever I go. Twenty-seven days of the Atkins diet gave me back one pound.  I’ve been on hiatus for the last week just trying to keep my calories in check and exercise. The next diet suggestion came from Zapwater’s British invasion, Shreena. The Special K Challenge will begin May 15th. Stay tuned.

Mayra Bacik CFO